Powerful experiences that leave lasting impressions.

            We are a brand experience agency that solves real business problems using a thoughtful mix of strategy, creativity, and culture. We listen to your needs and learn about your audiences. We identify the trends happening in the world and the essentials that people love about your brand. Then we innovate and design to connect and amplify them.

            Through experiential marketing, we help build undeniable moments that empower people, get them thinking, change the direction of their lives, or simply bring smiles to their faces. The result is a relevant live + digital experience your audience will never forget.

            Our work covers a broad range of experiences. Were shaping whats new in exhibits and redefining events. Were creating next level activations and sponsorships as well as setting trends in digital. Were driving interactive, customer-centric environments and innovating next generation retail. And were doing it all around the world.

            The Latest from Sparks

            Sparks Invests in Healthcare Marketing Firm, Bichsel Medical Marketing Group

            Investment strengthens a growing focus on healthcare verticals

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